Houston Spaceport


The only urban spaceport, Houston Spaceport is located on repurposed Ellington Field, and is a horizontal launch site with strong NASA and aerospace community relationships.  

Houston Spaceport Website Link

Midland Air & Space Port


Proposed as a dual-use air and space port, Midland International Air & Space Port is planned to continue commercial aviation flights parallel to future aerospace tourism.  

Midland Air & Space Port Website Link

Mojave Spaceport


The first spaceport by designation, Mojave Air & Spaceport is a very active horizontal launch site facility for research and development, and is in the forefront of several new innovations.  

Mojave Air & Space Port Website Link

Spaceport America


With both horizontal and vertical launch capabilities, Spaceport America is the world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport.  

Spaceport America Website Link

Space Florida


The Space Coast, including Cape Canaveral, has a long history of space innovation and performance both with rocketry and the space shuttle.  

Space Florida Website Link

Jacksonville Spaceport


Located in Cecil Airport, this spaceport acts as a public joint civil-military airport and spaceport serving military aircraft, corporate aircraft, general aviation, and air cargo. 

Cecil Spaceport Website Link

Oklahoma Air & Space Port


Oklahoma Air & Space Port is a public-use airport and spaceport capable of flights and launches, and the only spaceport not in restricted airspace or MOA. 

Oklahoma Space Industry Website Link

Virginia Spaceport


Primarily Vertical Launch Site.  Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport provides responsive space acces for commercial, government, scientific and academic users.

Virginia Spaceport Website Link

California Spaceport


Primarily Vertical Launch Site.  Harris SS operations at Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA, consist of a 100% commercially run satellite processing facility and space launch complex. 

California Spaceport Website Link

Kodiak Spaceport


Primarily Vertical Launch Site.  The Alaska Aerospace Corporation owns and operates the Pacific Spaceport Complex (aka Kodiak Launch Complex) as a dual-use commercial and military spaceport.

Kodiak Launch Complex Website Link

Colorado Air and Space Port


Colorado Air and Space Port has been designated as a horizontal launch site facility development at Front Range Airport east of Denver, CO.   

Colorado Spaceport Website Link

Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan (Russia)


The only spaceport to have conducted space tourist (participant) operations to date, but has been the location for such flights to the International Space Station since 2001.  

Baikonur Cosmodrome Article Website Link

UK Spaceport Cornwall (Proposed)


Spaceport Cornwall, 5 hrs west of London, has been proposed as a future horizontal launch site facility development.  Easily the most exciting option for the UK since Virgin Orbit released plans to launch from Cornwall.

Newquay Spaceport Website Link

New Zealand Launch Site


Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1.  One of the World's least known, but relatively active launch sites.  There have been four launches, the last of which included satellite cargo.  

Rocket Labs Launch Site Website Link

Spaceport Sweden (Proposed)


Spaceport Sweden proposes to establish a spaceport in Kiruna, Sweden, a 1.5 hr flight north from Stockholm, Sweden - 100 KM above the Arctic Circle.  

Spaceport Sweden Website

UAE AbuDhabi Spaceport (Proposed)


United Arab Emirates Space Agency proposes to establish the Ras al-Khaimah spaceport in Abu Dhabi, an 8  hr flight from London.  

Abu Dhabi Space News Article

India Spaceport (Possible)


Indian Space Research Organization is preparing to train astronauts and pursue the ability to launch manned missions.  

Satish Dhawan Spaceport Website

Georgia Spaceport (Proposed)


Spaceport Camden.  Vertical Launch Site proposed to take advantage of large aerospace community, ideal launch site for orbital inclinations between 31° and 58°, and the largest aerospace engineering program.  

Georgia Spaceport Website

Hawaii Air & Space Port (Proposed)


Hawaii Air & Space Port proposes to use a runway at Kona International Airport as an operation site for horizontally launched and landed RLVs running parallel to existing commercial air operations. 

Hawaii Spaceport Website

Australia Spaceport (Possible)


Annual aerospace market of $1.5 billion, over 20 universities with aerospace degrees, distant destination, and several large internal markets capable of sustained development.  

Aviation Aerospace Australia Website

Singapore Spaceport (Possible)


6th largest aerospace industry exporter, complete aerospace industry including the presence of several large-scale international companies, five airports with adequate spaceport potential.  

Aerospace Singapore Market Report

Japan Spaceport (Possible)


7th largest aerospace industry exporter, 2 existing vertical launch facilities, 12 first and second class airports with runway lengths sufficient for spaceport development.  

JAXA Website

Brazil Spaceport (Possible)


10th Largest aerospace industry exporter, largest in southern hemisphere, 13,000 LF runway at Rio de Janeiro Airport, 12,000 LF at Sao Paulo Airport.  

Brazil Aerospace Information Website

UK Glasgow Spaceport (Proposed)


Glasgow Prestwick Spaceport, 8 hrs north of London, has been proposed as a future horizontal launch site facility development.  

Spaceport Glasgow Website Link