Arizona Spaceport Alliance at a Glance


The Arizona Spaceport Alliance (ASA) includes a consolidated team supported by subject matter experts and Arizona aerospace industry group leaders aligned to advance the development of a network of Arizona spaceports and expand Arizona’s aerospace market as it relates to space. ASA is a non-profit mission focused on establishing and supporting world-class spaceport options in Arizona for the general benefit of the State of Arizona and its residents as well as championing the needs of commercial space businesses in the State of Arizona. The Board of Directors for ASA is mandated to establish policies for management and oversight, make decisions on major organizational issues, and determine next steps and roles for the Alliance. 

ASA offers: 

· A repository of industry expertise related to spaceport development initiated to begin the investigation of emerging industries and technologies as they relate to space. Relationships with universities and other educational entities is initiated to pursue international space expertise consolidation in the state of Arizona. 

· Industry expertise includes the ability to take part in guiding the development process beginning with site selection, to include all applicable due diligence, and continue to federal licensing, resulting in a streamlined development of spaceports in Arizona.


· Expertise in business economic incentives anchor approaches aimed at aerospace company disinvestments from other states. Strong relationships with regional business development organizations bolster the ability to create an enticing and vibrant space industry in Arizona. 

· Continuing education and market presence related to Arizona spaceports is maintained through ASA events and networking opportunities, event coordination with adjoining aerospace organizations, educational sessions, and panel discussions and round-tables for industry organizations. 


Organizational Leadership

Benjamin Hernandez - Founder, Arizona Spaceport Alliance

Mr. Hernandez is a founding member of Arizona Spaceport Alliance and currently serves as President and Treasurer for the organization. A graduate of Arizona State University’s Master of Real Estate Development program, he began his career in commercial real estate as a land surveyor for six years active in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Currently, Mr. Hernandez is active in commercial real estate as an advisor with Keyser in Scottsdale and can be found in boardrooms and on panels across Arizona sharing his extensive knowledge on spaceports and the emerging commercial space industry. Mr. Hernandez’s goal is to help companies to develop strategic and sustainable solutions regarding doing business in the commercial space sector.


Karyn MacVean - Founder, Arizona Spaceport Alliance

Mrs. MacVean is a founding member of Arizona Spaceport Alliance and currently services at Vice President and Secretary for the organization. A native to Arizona, she attended Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix followed by the University of Arizona in Tucson. A commercial real estate advisor by trade, Mrs. MacVean recently joined Keyser in Scottsdale and has turned her attention to the needs of the Aerospace community bringing her comprehensive understanding of commercial development and leasing strategies to position herself as a sought-after professional in the industry.