Arizona Spaceport Alliance

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Abraham Lincoln


Arizona Spaceport Alliance-  non-profit effort focused on establishing world-class spaceport options in the State of Arizona.

The Arizona Spaceport Development Project



Arizona Spaceports, along with America’s International Spaceports, will serve as  premier gateways for global space commerce, and become an international axis for the thriving commercial space research & development market, innovative STEM education, and cutting-edge space exploration.  



  Arizona Spaceport Alliance champions a state economic development initiative and physical project designed to increase the value and revenue-generating potential of an existing commercial or general aviation airport facility.  Proper site selection is the first step to spaceport development.  

The Future


Arizona Spaceports are vibrant centers of commerce in the Metropolitan Phoenix area and in Southern Arizona encompassing international industry and tourism, innovative educational research, and a hotbed of new technological advances stemming from new, pioneering companies. 

Spaceport Information

Spaceport Fundamentals

Requirements for Spaceport development include market, site, and environmental concerns.  

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List of existing spaceports, proposed spaceports, and future spaceport options worldwide. 

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Spaceports resulting from repurposed airports require spaceplanes in order to be utilized as a spaceport. 

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We love to talk about the possibilities that a Spaceport in Arizona could bring to this great state! We can be reached by email at:

Arizona Spaceport Alliance

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